Being a Body Whisperer isn’t about how we communicate or what we know how to do. It's about the magic that happens in learning how to listen to the faintest whisper from your bodies telling us what it is trying to say. Subtle clues in how you walk, the way you move, the turn of your head, the words you choose to use without even thinking, the little things you remember that seemingly come up from out of nowhere when we are working together… those are the whispers.  

With over 20,000 hours of Hands-On experience, we have learned to tune out the extraneous noise and dial into the whispers of your heart, soul, mind and body. All of those things work together to form YOU! It’s in the day-to-day your body develops patterns that, over time, turn whispers into screams of dysfunction, pain and inability to fully live life the way we want to live.  

 Our ability to connect with the physiology of what is happening with your body and why is only as unique as the profound techniques from all aspects of recovery and stretch therapies. 

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April 2021
Becky is Amazing! She uses not only her skills but her intuition. She helped me not only physically but has given me relief from a mental standpoint, too.  


March 2021
I cannot recommend them highly enough! Not your typical “fluffy” spa experience. Becky is serious about resolving your aches and pains in a direct and highly effective way.


April 2021
Don’t expect to be coddled. This is truly therapeutic sports massage.


March 2021
Becky is the BEST! I have struggled with chronic pain for years and have been to many doctors and physical therapists who could not help. Becky has helped me start to recover by working on the root causes of my pain, listening to my body and helping me coordinate with other chiropractors and PTs. Not only do my sessions help with physical pain, but they help my mental health as well. Becky understands the strong connection between the mind and body and her sessions do wonders for both my physical and mental health. 


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