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Becky completed her massage training in 2004 from Irene’s Myomassology Institute in Southfield, MI, then her Practical Nursing Degree in 2012. While completing her nursing degree as a single parent, Becky moved seven times in 4 years, even had a brief stretch of being homeless, all while being a single Mom. When asked how she came upon this career, the answer is usually “God had to let a whole lot of things go REALLY wrong to give me this life I LOVE SO MUCH.”

She has invested deeply in her continuing education and is the highest level Medical Stretch Therapist. Her style incorporates treatment-oriented plans utilizing her nursing background, and over 20,000 hours of hands-on experience with multiple modalities to meet the needs of each client, individually.  

Becky is extremely multifaceted when it comes to working with her clients. Some of them include Pro Strongmen and Strongwomen from around the globe and Professional Athletes from the NFL, NHL and MLB. Her incredible reputation for intuitively knowing what her clients need from her to get the best results possible is nothing short of a gift, and one of the many reasons Becky is highly sought after locally here in Metro Detroit, to several other countries around the world. Clients regularly drive from up to 8 hours away to get results they can’t find anywhere else.

When she isn’t working, Becky is devoted to Luke, 13 year old son and her new husband, Kris McClain who plays an integral role as Digital Media Director (and contractor, chef, chauffeur, and therapist) at Body Whisperer Institute.

Get the facts

Get the facts

Meet Becky

continuing education

Continuing Education

I received my massage training in 2004 from the Myomassology Insititue.

I received my Practical Nurse Degree in 2012

Medical Stretch Therapist

I have 20,000 hours of hands-on experience

I have worked Pro Strongmen & Strongwomen from around the globe and Professional Athletes from the NFL, NHL and MLB, including Lead Massage Therapist for World's Strongest Man

Meet the Team
Meet the Team

Born in Mississippi, Caroline brings a distinctive Southern Flair for her work at Body Whisperer Institute. Like many, she got her start in something completely different… first Radio/Television Broadcasting and Production from Arkansas State University where she traveled the state working in Radio and TV. From there she was introduced to the casino industry where she worked her way from Food & Beverage to running Table Games. 

At this time, she realized this was a really tough career. As she prepared to make a change and move out of state, she met her now Husband, David, and as fate would have it, they and they're two beautiful daughters never left Michigan. However, she realized she needed a career change. After a few years as a stay at home Mom, she enrolled at the Aveda Institute in Ann Arbor, MI to become a Licensed Massage Therapist.  

During her time in school, fate and divine intervention lead to her and Becky meeting at an Apple Orchard, of all places. A heartfelt conversation over a love for Strongman (and Magnus  ver Magnusson) lead to the foundation of a beautiful friendship and beginnings of a partnership in building Body Whisperer Institute. Covid may have gotten her off to a slow start, but she is learning directly from Becky and is making huge strides in a very short amount of time in her Body Whisperer Skills.

Meet Caroline


Meet Kris

Jack of all trades, master of many, Kris is the Operations Director for Body Whisperer Institute. His primary focus will be Social Media and Productions Management. However, he completely did the entire buildout of the Body Whisperer Institute office location, will run all aspects of the website and be our photographer, videographer, product sales manager and will completely run all aspects of social media. Additionally, he gets the distinct honor of being Becky Wilson’s husband, handler, "bag bitch" and keeper of her crazy. With our European Strongman Friends, especially, this is actual a distinct honor. Weird, I know!

Kris can be reached for questions and inquiries to the business and product sales at ProductsbyBodyWhisperer@gmail.com.


Oct 2020
Becky is an amazing person and she knows how to take care of her patients. I will recommend everyone I know to her; she changed my life with the first session.


Sept 2020
As a medical professional, the service was spot perfect attention to the condition and outlying factors Excellent treatment.  


Sept 2020
Brought our soccer playing son to Becky with low back pain. I’m not totally sure what she did but he scored 3 goals and ran like he used to.  


Aug 2020
Becky Wilson is truly a consummate professional. Just tell her where you are hurting and she’ll take care of the rest.

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