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An all-natural topical magnesium supplement infused with essential oils that targets the stressed and overworked muscles.

Magnesium4Muscles is a topical application that when sprayed on the skin, absorbs in less than a minute is fast to absorb and leaves no residue and no greasy feeling.

Recommended use: Apply Magnesium4Muscles liberally to your muscle groups that tend to endure the most stress.
Suggested use: Daily

Magnesium4Muscles can be used on any part of the body or the whole body!

Magnesium 4 Muscle Combo


PureRx Formulas HydroCharge is a revolutionary alkalizing, chelating, and remineralizing water additive. This multivitamin and mineral additive enhances absorption as it provides fulvic and humic acids, electrolytes, amino acids, B vitamins, over 74 colloidal ionic minerals, and an array of unique enzymes and polysaccharides for your body. Rehydrate and revitalize your body, so you can power through your day!

✓ Supports Increased Hydration
✓ Helps Improve Absorption of Supplements and Vitamins
✓ Promotes Body Detoxification
✓ Stimulates Increased Energy Levels
✓ Bolsters Additional Electrolytes without Sugar, Flavoring, or Artificial Sweeteners
✓ Aids in Providing Natural Hangover Support
✓ Assists the Body as a Natural Pre-Workout Support

Suggested Use: For best results, add 2/3 of a dropper to a gallon of water, or 2 drops per 8 or 2 drops per 8 oz. of water.

Pure RX HydroCharge


PureRX Formulas LipoTrop takes a different approach to healthy weight loss. Using our exclusive liver-optimizing formula, LipoTrop improves metabolic function in the liver, allowing it to properly metabolize protein and carbohydrates while burning fat for all-day energy.

✓ Great Alternative or Enhancer for Lipotropic Injections
✓ Promotes Fat Loss
✓ Improves Metabolism Support
✓ Enhances Energy Levels
✓ Promotes Detoxification of Fats and Bile from Liver
✓ Aids in Detoxifying Body of Heavy etals and Toxic By-Products from High-Protein Diets
✓ Helps Stop Muscle Breakdown During Calorie Restriction or Increased Cardiovascular Activities

Suggested Use: 2/3 of a dropper, under the tongue, once daily..

Pure RX Lipotrop


PureRx Formulas Sleep Reset tincture helps you get the deep, restorative sleep that your body needs! Our bodies repair and regenerate while we sleep, restoring our systems to function optimally. Quality sleep also helps us stay happier and healthier by lowering stress levels, burning more fat, building more muscle, and helping us to look and feel our best! Our Sleep Reset helps you fall asleep and stay asleep, so you can achieve deep sleep patterns (REM) to help your body rebuild, refresh, and regenerate, letting you wake up rested and ready to take on your day. *Our Sleep Reset is a great addition to those who are looking for true 24-hour anti-aging support.

✓ Helps Promote Deep Sleep Patterns (REM Sleep)
✓ Assists with Promoting Fat loss
✓ Aids in Mood Support
✓ Helps to Reduce Stress Levels
✓ May Work as an Anti-Catabolic Agent to Prevent Muscle Breakdown
✓ Enhances HGH Secretion

Suggested Use: 2/3 of a dropper, before bed, limit one dose per day.

Pure RX Sleep Reset


Advanced Bone Support Formula
PureRx Formulas Vitamin D3 + K2 complex combines two fat-soluble vitamins critical to optimizing your bone and heart health. This immune-boosting duo also helps to reduce inflammation, strengthen muscle tone, and help our bodies to properly absorb and utilize calcium to keep our bones strong and healthy. New research shows that most Americans are deficient in vitamin D, making our D3 + K2 formula the perfect addition to your daily supplement routine.

✓ Fosters Bone Strength
✓ Supports Cardiovascular Health
✓ Assists with Calcium Absorption and Utilization
✓ Boosts Immune Function
✓ Aids in Muscle Tone Quality
✓ Promotes Brain and Nervous System Health

Suggested Use: 2 drops, under the tongue, use daily for best results.

Pure RX Vitamin D3+K2


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