As you tell us with words what is happening with your body, your body will communicate with us as well to fill in the gaps.  

This is always the first step for each and every appointment. We look for improvements, but understand you LIVE out of your body every single day, so the story of your body, or the whispers, will also change. We will take the time to learn your history, injury experiences, and subtle ques to understand what your body needs and what the course of treatment is going to entail. 

Our experience has taught us with an acute issue, it will take up to 3 appointments for us to get to the root cause of what your body is trying to saying. A chronic issue may take more or less. Many clients overcome both acute and chronic issues and continue coming for maintenance.  

We encourage many questions, and promise to help you understand what your body is trying to say to you, and why.

benefits of thereputic massge
Benefits of Therapeutic massage

Bodyworks Services

continuing education

Continuing Education

Personalized Assessment

Becky is a formerly certified fascial stretch therapist and soon both Becky and Caroline will be certified in SRT soft-tissue therapy combining both sports training with a gentler neurofascia stretching to get the very best results for our clients. This is not your franchised static stretching. We know what we are doing and will even teach you some tricks to do on your own, too!

Medical Stretch Therapist

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

To say we’ve got some of the best elbows in the business could be an understatement. Deep tissue therapy is the application of slow pressure that often times feels extremely deep, however the Body Whisperer part isn’t about how hard we push, but knowing right where to push. This work allows for the release of deep adhesions, often referred to as “knots” that cause the body to shift, adjust and compensate for dysfunction. As we work to relieve stressed and overworked muscle tissue, we release pain and promote increased healing by increasing the oxygenation to the tissue via blood flow. 


Cupping Therapy is an alternative medicine treatment and has been around for centuries. The special suction cups help to relieve deep adhesions and increase blood flow to a stagnant area of muscle tissue.  

All of these services can and often times will be used in a session to achieve the greatest results possible for our clients. We do not believe in ala cart pricing for services, rather, using all the tools in our toolboxes to ensure our clients see results.

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Back pain
Muscle Spasms
Head/Neck/Shoulder Pain
Joint pain
Frozen Shoulder
Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
Plantar Fasciitis
Muscle Cramping
Tightness in Breathing
Foot pain

Concerns we can address...

We treat everyone...

Weekend Warriors
Strength Athletes
Grandparents wanting to play more with their grandchildren
Skilled Trades Men and Women who hurt from their day to day jobs
Your neighbor who has a hard time going for your evening walks together
High School Athletes
Body Builders

Physical Therapists
Personal Trainers
Pilates Instructors
Bob next door
Your friend in Church
The Lady in Yoga class talking about this massage person who changed their lives

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Dec 2020
Becky takes a lot of pride in what she does. Being a former college athlete and having numerous injuries, Becky helped me maintain my body and guide best practices for maintenance. I cannot recommend her enough.


Nov 2020
Very beneficial and needed; the psoas and lower back work was excellent.


Oct 2020
Very knowledgeable with an innate response to the body.


Anon - Law Enforcement
Oct 2020
Catered to each individual. Best massage I’ve ever had. Will continue to go, definitely beneficial.  

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